Amulet of Hearts

Intro (Hook)
Tired and sore from battle, you trudge back to the small town of Bezentil.  Upon entering the tiny entry gate, Wendel Whiteharp, the mayor of Bezentil, followed by the small population, rush to you in celebration, everyone cheering and clapping as the mayor parades you through the main dirt road.  The mayor escorts you to the Bare Rock Inn & Tavern and as you try to enter the front door, the mayor turns to the people and gives a speech.  Though you were happy to help the little town with their problem, all you want to do is eat, have a few drinks and sleep for 2 days.  But you humbly smile and stand by the mayor as he regales the town with how it was his great idea to fight The Menace Horde and how he alone traveled great distances to find you and convinced you to help fight blah blah blah blah…. “What a giant windbag,” you say to yourself.  His speech seemed to go for an eternity until you are suddenly brought back to reality with the applause of the townsfolk.  The bell above the taverns door announces your entry into the tavern.  A small, well dressed crowd is present inside, hand picked by the mayor, to celebrate your victory.  Wearily, you follow him to the rectangular banquet table of honor near the back of the tavern.  The mayor takes his seat in the middle, as if trying to fit in, “be one of the guys” if you will.  Drinks are being poured all around and you finally take a well deserved deep breath to begin your rest.  No sooner than after you exhale, a giant mechanical golem crashes through the front door.  Wood and rubble fly in all directions in reaction.  The golem takes a few lumbering steps inside the tavern, its cold glowing eyes surveying the room as everyone in the tavern is screaming in terror.  His eyes fix in on you and he heavily tromps through the tavern in your direction, pushing aside tables and patrons.  The mayor stands up and yells to the golem “How dare you!  This is a private party and you are most certainly not welcome here!  Leave now or these great heroes beside me will be forced to destroy y—!”  The golem grabs the mayor by the collar and tosses him towards the bar; his body falls to the ground limp.  As you jump to your feet, hand at your weapon on your belt, the golem grabs you by the neck, raises you up off the ground and slams you back into the wall.  With his other hand, nothing more than a circular blade, thrusts into your chest.  As you try to scream, you hear the whir of gears spinning as the blade spins in your chest.  The last thing you remember before fading into darkness, other than being in writhing agony, is the vision of your still beating heart in front of your face.

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